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To make a reservation request: Log into your account click My Account – Log In and enter your email address and password. The menu options you then see fall under three headings: Events, Requests, and My Account.

1) Events - Browse Events - The Browse Events function displays a list of events. The default display is for the monthly calendar but you can change this by selecting Display Format.

2) To submit a room request (please note: any field denoted by * on the form is required):

>click Requests and select Classic Request Form

>click a date or multiple dates on the calendars (click Next Three Months to see additional calendars)

>to request a room in a particular building or room, make selections under the Location Information heading

>enter the start and end time for the event and the expected number of attendees

>type an event name and select an event type

>enter a group name, contact, phone number, email address, and optionally a fax number

>there are also required campus-based fields to complete (these are in red)

   >When finished, Click Submit. The system displays all of your requests, with the one you just made as "Pending".  

View My Requests - Virtual EMS users are only allowed to see the requests that they themselves have made. To see a list of the events you have created, click View My Requests.  

3) My Account - There are two options under the My Account heading: Log Out, Edit My Account.